Viking Horns; MemeCoin Raids; Valhalla Awaits

Key Features

Smart Contract

The $HYIKINGS smart contract was crafted to provide rewards to its holders, offering them the opportunity for passive income.

NFT Collections

With the introduction of our unique NFT collectibles, we aim to unlock a myriad of possibilities within the metaverse.

Play To Earn

“In order to engage the community, THE HYIKINGS team is working on developing  online games, where participating in these games enables you to earn rewards.

Limited Supply

Forget Shiba Inu’s endless multiplication! This coin’s on a limited diet (1 Billion). Grab your share before it moonshots outta here!


Break boundaries: Immerse yourself in a vibrant, ever-expanding virtual world where anything is possible. Own your digital identity and creations in VEBTHRI, giving you unprecedented control and freedom.


Exclusive and best meme coin! Get comfy in THE HYIKINGS hoodie or sip from a mug from our limited edition swag.

About Us

Ahoy, meme lords and ladies! Buckle yer wench belts and wallets, for THE HYIKINGS have arrived! We’ve plundered past PEPE and Shiba Inu, those pretenders to the meme coin throne!, and now we set sail to conquer the crypto seas!

We’re the Odin-chosen warriors of this cryptoverse! We raid harder than a FOMO frenzy and feast on dips like a krakenl! We bring the VALHALLA vibes to this digital realm, where everyone’s welcome to feast on gains and glorious memes!

Forget confusing tech jargon! THE HYIKINGS are powered by the mighty hammer of THOR himself – well, cutting-edge tech fueled by AI that’s about as smart as Odin himself. THE HYIKINGS tears through its roadmap faster than a longboat with a tailwind.Join our epic quest and become a HYIKING! Together, we’ll conquer the cryptoverse and send these other memecoins back to the doghouse! ⚔️

The fate of glory awaits!
So grab your axe, hoist the meme flag, and join our glorious quest to conquer the biggest exchanges! This loot won’t pillage itself!

Our Partners

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Total Supply : 1,000,000,000








Exhange Listing


Liquidity Pool


Our Journey To Valhalla

Phase 1

Meme Dream Team Formation

THE HYIKINGS goes viral (and you are early!) – Community launch

Token Generation & Contract Audit

Viral vibes and whaley whale calls – Powerful Marketing

Buckle up for $HYK the moonshot – Pre-Sale Launch

Phase 2

Lanuching The HYIKINGS NFT

NFT Airdrops and Marketing Events

Launching THE HYIKINGS coin on popular DEX and Exchanges

Listing on coinmarketcap and coingecko

Partnership with top tier influencers & platforms

Phase 3

Launhcing THE HYIKINGS Game

Play to earn rewards

Exclusive rewards for coin holders

Launhcing THE HYIKINGS exclusive merhandise

Phase 4

Dive into the future! Own a piece of the metaverse with our exclusive NFTs. Build, explore, and earn in our immersive world -Lauching VEBTHRI


THE HYIKINGS is a new crypto project that leverages AI technology, powerful viral marketing and a voracious dislike of crap memes to advance itself to become the ultimate meme coin token. THE HYIKINGS doesn’t mess around and has a mission to hit a $1B market cap, launching new products like THE HYIKINGS game & the Memescanner along the way.

Anyone who purchased THIKG tokens on the official site can claim their tokens at the end of the presale using the same wallet that was used to purchase. Details will be announced on official channels nearing the end of the presale in Q1 2024.

You’ll be able to claim your THE HYIKINGS once the presale ends. The date for this will also be announced once the presale has finished.

You can contact the team by joining the telegram group and getting in touch with a member of staff.

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