The Hyikings


Far in the universe, lies the planet VEBTHRI, shattered into small islands and sub continents connected by magical realms. VEBTHRI hyenas lived in savannahs and cave surrounded by endless mountains possessing a magical realms to other planets cursed by magical powers of sorcerers. All were thrashed by deadly magical curse of sorcerers, who dare to cross.

But one commoner a brave, cunning and explorer used to dream, that one day I will break the spell to discover the world beyond the realms.

The commoner encouraged brave heathen warriors to fight beside him and they started to forge weapons with magical power. Finally the day arrived and the great warriors left for the magical realms. They fought the magical creatures and won their freedom and Hyena’s were finally unchained. Hyenas started raiding and looting different planets and their ways were barbaric and were know as THE HYIKINGS.

Now, they are after other planets and so the journey continues….

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your identity in vebthri

The metaverse and the entire DeFi sphere are growing at a dizzying pace. With the vision to empower community, The Hyikings team is determined to provide interplanetary virtual experience. We believe, that compatibility with other major verses is essential for smooth transition, connectivity and success of project. 

Therefore, we aim to provide an ultra-realistic avatars in file formats (i.e. USD, FBX, glTF, VRM etc.) compatible with customization.

We don’t want to ruin all the excitement for now and will reveal our avatar soon.

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Our Collection

We started hand-drawn sketches more than a year ago. NFT market till now have offered several 2D & 3D projects and we wanted to come up with something unique on Ethereum Blockchain. So, we sculpted hand-made 3D sculptures by using graphic tablets.

First time, physically corrected hair shaders are used to achieve realistic results. Realistic textures/materials are used by scanning several real life materials using extremely high quality renders and have used analogous cinematic lighting. Our 3D mesh muscle system is setup by using most advanced inverse kinematics bones and ribbon rigging tools for facial detailed expressions and body movements. For transparency, each token is signed by Adobe for Content Credentials.

Our tokens contain +300 hand-made traits. Each token is a composition of at least +25 4K 3D model maps rendered in our own Render Farm.


Asset 5the hyiking corner
Asset 300Z3F
Asset 2ZZultrafiinal DDroDDadEmap
Asset 2ZZZultrafiinal DDroDDadEmap
Asset 200Z3F9989DDFF

the HyIKINGS Team