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Far in the universe, lies the planet VEBTHRI, shattered into small islands and sub continents connected by magical realms. VEBTHRI hyenas lived in savannahs and cave surrounded by endless mountains possessing a magical realms to other planets cursed by magical powers of sorcerers. All were thrashed by deadly magical curse of sorcerers, who dare to cross.

But one commoner a brave, cunning and explorer used to dream, that one day I will break the spell to discover the world beyond the realms.

The commoner encouraged brave heathen warriors to fight beside him and they started to forge weapons with magical power. Finally the day arrived and the great warriors left for the magical realms. They fought the magical creatures and won their freedom and Hyena’s were finally unchained. Hyenas started raiding and looting different planets and their ways were barbaric and were know as THE HYIKINGS.

Now, they are after other planets and so the journey continues….


Key Features

Smart Contract

The $HYIKINGS smart contract was crafted to provide rewards to its holders, offering them the opportunity for passive income.

nft Collections

With the introduction of our unique NFT collectibles, we aim to unlock a myriad of possibilities within the metaverse.

Play To Earn

“In order to engage the community, THE HYIKINGS team is working on developing  online games, where participating in these games enables you to earn rewards.


The establishment of a marketplace on Binance Smart Chain is set to foster a community dedicated to the buying and selling of the exclusive THE HYIKINGS utilities.

Limited Supply

There will be only maximum 10 billion coins in existance. 


Many investors in the crypto world aspire to secure a long-term passive income. Now, they can achieve this goal by staking $HYIKINGS on our dedicated staking platform.

Our Partners

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“In order to engage the community, THE HYIKINGS team is working on developing 


“In order to engage the community, THE HYIKINGS team is working on developing 

Exchange Listing

“In order to engage the community, THE HYIKINGS team is working on developing  .


“In order to engage the community, THE HYIKINGS team is working on developing 

Private Sale

“In order to engage the community, THE HYIKINGS team is working on developing 

Competition Pool

“In order to engage the community, THE HYIKINGS team is working on developing 


Our Journey To Valhalla

Phase 1

Launching THE HYIKINGS website.

Launching social media channel on Twitter and announcement channel on Discord.

Building strong community to be the backbone of THE HYIKINGS

Phase 1

Minting 5,000 of THE HYIKINGS warriors with new expressions and traits.

Holders will be rewarded with  THE HYIKINGS NFT airdrop and future coin airdrops.

Coinmarketcap listing and marketing events.

Regular marketing events.

Phase 1

Current holders will be rewarded randomly with exclusive airdrops.

Final phase of THE HYIKINGS NFT’s.

Our aim is to take THE HYIKINGS NFTS to at least 30 ETH.

Phase 1

Metaverse – The union of NFTs, Metaverse and Blockchain is a turning point and has the potential to transform the future. We are exploring partnerships with established metaverse and breedable projects. (Exploring)

Game – Few have the capabilities to build a genuinely great game. Our THE HYIKINGS character is design to meet industry standard of evolving gaming industry. Our core team is capable and are looking for a right partner. It’s a huge endeavor nonetheless. If we do it, we’ll do it right. (Exploring)

Please remember, we are currently only on Ethereum Blockchain and Opensea. Beware of scammers and fraudsters. 


In the fjords of the digital realm, where PEPE and SHIBA INU frolicked amongst the volatile seas of the blockchain, a new breed of warrior emerged. These weren’t average crusaders; they were THE HYIKINGS, a legion of Vikings forged in the fires of innovation, their axes honed with robust algorithms.¬¬
Their saga began in a simpler time, when pixelated avatars and rudimentary memes ruled the online landscape. They envisioned a future where memes held value beyond amusement, and digital art transcended mere pixels.
Fueled by their belief in a decentralized future, they delved into the cryptic runes of blockchain technology, deciphering its complex algorithms and forging their own. This birthed the “VEBTHRI” a marvel of engineering that promised unparalleled security, transparency, and scalability for their digital Valhalla.
The VEBTHRI heart is the “Mimir Well”, functioning as a fount of knowledge, with real-world data to ensure its decisions are fair and unbiased. But THE HYIKINGS are not aiming for meme domination alone. They have set their sight on the burgeoning NFT frontier. Owning a THE HYIKINGS NFT will not just be about bragging rights; it will grant access to exclusive communities, events, and even merchandise.
Yet, the saga of THE HYIKINGS is far from beginning. As they continue to explore the uncharted territories of the blockchain, their legend will grow. Newcomers to the digital realm will be drawn to their spirit of innovation and unwavering commitment to a decentralized future. The future is theirs to forge, and with their axes sharp and their memes ever flowing, THE HYIKINGS are poised to write the epic chapter in the blockchain saga.

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How To Buy

  • Connect Your Wallet
    Connect your MetaMask or other wallet to this website using the widget at the top of the page. From there you can easily buy tokens using ETH, BNB, MATIC, USDT, or bank card.
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    Fund Your Purchase
    Ensure you have either ETH, BNB, MATIC, or USDT in your wallet to swap for THE HYIKINGS. Deposit crypto into your wallet if you don’t. Alternatively, use the Card option.
  • Asset 30Z2
    Swap Tokens For THE HYIKINGS
    Go to the buy widget and select the amount of tokens you wish to swap for THE HYIKINGS. Authorize the transactions in your wallet and make you leave enough ETH, BNB, or MATIC for gas fees.


THE HYIKINGS is a new crypto project that leverages AI technology, powerful viral marketing and a voracious dislike of crap memes to advance itself to become the ultimate meme coin token. THE HYIKINGS doesn’t mess around and has a mission to hit a $1B market cap, launching new products like THE HYIKINGS game & the Memescanner along the way.

Anyone who purchased THIKG tokens on the official site can claim their tokens at the end of the presale using the same wallet that was used to purchase. Details will be announced on official channels nearing the end of the presale in Q1 2024.

You’ll be able to claim your THE HYIKINGS once the presale ends. The date for this will also be announced once the presale has finished.

You can contact the team by joining the telegram group and getting in touch with a member of staff.

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